SERVING THE FINEST AGENTS        

What We Offer...

We’re committed to providing our agents with top notch support. We understand that our industry is not a 9-5 profession built upon banking hours. We will be there for you on holidays and weekends. We are available in person and not only through mail.


Success is copied...

Our management team has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing professional representation to the industry coupled with a stellar track record of maintaining other successful businesses.

About Our Company...

Our competitors must fly to you. It makes sense to deal with a North Carolina company that will offer BUF accounts you can work with at your hometown bank.

As a small business owner, a few points can often mean $40-$50,000 dollars a year in savings-significant operating capital which you retain to run your own business and not the business of corporate executives many states away. Need an estate bond? Call today.

You hold the key to your client's freedom. We offer the key to your success through

competitive rates, immediate approvals and same day turn-around on bonds. Need a large power fast? No problem. Our agents receive same day service.